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The process of labor and birth is truly a life changing event.  It is full of intense emotions – joys, challenges, and anticipation.  It is the role of a midwife to be “with woman…” ensuring that she is physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared and supported.  During your birth experience, we will provide gentle support, respectful reassurance, and evidence-based clinical care.  Recognizing that this is your birth experience, it is our role to serve you, your family, and your baby well. 


We believe wholeheartedly in promoting and facilitating natural, physiological birth through:

  • Familiar midwives and other care providers that are quiet and respectful of each woman’s individual labor process and journey

  • Encouraging the support and involvement of your partner, doula, or anyone important to you that you invite into your birth experience

  • A beautiful birthing suite with soft light, that mimics a comfortable home environment

  • Maximizing comfort – position changes, freedom to eat and drink,  and supportive birth tools (birth stool, rebozo, birth ball, etc.)

  • Use of water for comfort including a large walk-in shower and spa-like birth tub for labor and/or water birth

  • Personalized care and patience with the pace of each individual labor 

Newborn Floating
Newborn baby with mom


We strive for the highest level of safety standards for Mom and Baby throughout labor and birth by:

  • Well-planned prenatal care, screenings, and education

  • The presence of two certified providers at the birth of your baby

  • Monitoring Mom’s vital signs and Baby’s fetal heart tones intermittently throughout labor (using a hand-held Doppler) according to national guidelines

  • Having emergency equipment and medications on-site and available

  • Fostering a relationship with local hospitals and emergency personnel to facilitate a smooth transport/transition of care if needed

Newborn baby water birth
water birth



I never had a doubt in my mind that I wanted to have my baby at Authentic! I am extremely blessed to have been able to deliver him at the center with the most encouraging, positive midwives/people! Although things did not go as planned afterwards, they still stuck with me every step of the way and I wouldnt have changed it for the world!


We started our journey with authentic later than most. I was 30 weeks so I got to establish relationships with all the midwives. I am so beyond glad we discovered this place and had the opportunity to have this family be apart of our journey.

This was my 2nd pregnancy but my first was over 9 years ago. I was so beyond nervous for this delivery. The midwives were always so reassuring, encouraging and supportive. They always had a friendly smile and were so personable.


We found Authentic after searching for a care model that aligned with our beliefs and we couldn’t not be happier with our decision. My labor started quickly and came on strong. Katy was able to help guide my husband and I through the early stages before it was decided that we should head down to the Center. Our ultimate goal was to deliver our son in the tub but he had other plans. He ended up being born on the bathroom floor after laboring on the toilet about four hours after arriving. Definitely not the relaxing tub delivery I had imagined but I would do it all over with Authentic.

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