Valerie Oliver,

Certified Nurse Midwife,

Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber



Hello! My name is Valerie Oliver, I am so excited to be joining Authentic Birth Center and to care for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people.


My love for midwifery and the childbearing period began long before I was old enough to consider what I would do career wise. I grew up reading Mothering magazine and Midwifery Today, I was always drawn to the birth stories, tips and tricks and articles about the life of a midwife. My interest was solidified when I was cared for by midwives while pregnant with my oldest child. I had such a positive and empowering experience.


I chose to follow the path to become a certified nurse midwife, obtaining an ADN, BSN and finally an MSN in Nurse Midwifery while continuing to grow my own family and working as an emergency department RN. I had five more children during that period, all born out of hospital with midwifery care. I worked at a local Federally Qualified Health Care Center providing primary, gynecological, prenatal, postpartum, menopausal and contraceptive care as a CNM and have continued emergency nursing as well.


I believe in increasing access to health care, including midwifery services, patient centered, evidence based care, inclusivity, care personalized to the individual and whole person and shared decision making. I am continuously learning and striving to meet clients' needs better. I believe pregnancy and birth are challenging and transformative events. I hope to help you have the same positive and empowering experiences that I was lucky enough to have.



"It was truly the most wonderful experience! The setting is gorgeous and the midwives are angels!" ~~Courtney


"My friend told me it (birth at Authentic) was " a holy experience", she was not wrong! This was my fifth baby, all others had been hospital births. My husband and I both wished we could go back in time and have them all at Authentic." ~~Jen

"It was an absolute privilege to birth there. But, if you asked one of the midwives,they would tell you that it's their privilege to serve us and that is what makes Authentic truly remarkable. Outstanding love and care for every family."

~~ Brittney




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