Authentic Birth Center · Wellness Collective

Milk Bank Depot

Wauwatosa, WI

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Donating Human Milk

Thank you for your willingness to share the precious gift of milk for babies in need! Authentic Birth Center · Wellness Collective is a depot for the Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes.  Please click here or call 847-262-5134 for more information on the process of becoming a donor. Once approved, label your bags with your donor ID number, the month it was pumped and how many ounces you are donating. Please call Authentic at 414-231-9640 before making your donation. 

Purchasing Human Milk

Authentic Birth Center · Wellness Collective is a dispensary of pasteurized human milk through the Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. You are able to purchase up to 10 bottles (4oz per bottle) for $19 per bottle. If you need more, you will need to provide a prescription.

The prescription must contain:

  • Baby's name.

  • Date of Birth.

  • Number of bottles (max of 20)

  • Frequency or instructions (ex: one bottle per day, as needed)

  • The number of refills. Will default to zero, if not indicated.

  • Diagnosis (newborn supplementation, low milk supply, etc...)

Please call us at 414-231-9640 if you have any questions or if you are planning on purchasing donor milk. Whether this is a short term or long term need for you and your family, Authentic is here to support your journey!