Katy Skarlatos, 

Certified Professional Midwife 

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


I’m Katy Skarlatos, a Certified Professional Midwife here at Authentic. I’ve had the great honor of being invited to begin my practice at Authentic with the support and encouragement of my mentoring midwives, LaNette McQuitty, CPM, LM and Ali Phipps, CNM.  I also offer placenta encapsulation services, helping to support and encourage physical and emotional recovery for our moms in their postpartum periods. 


My Philosophy

I am a midwife because I truly believe in the natural process of birth and that women’s bodies were created with the innate ability to bring life into this world. I believe in the spirit of a woman and in her deep inner strength and beauty. And I believe in the power of motherhood, with all of its joys and struggles. By walking alongside expectant moms through pregnancy and childbirth, there are endless opportunities to help women discover their true strength and to encourage them as they support and grow their families.


My Background

My educational background is in public policy. I have a BA from UW-Madison in Political Science and International Relations and a Masters’ Degree in International Public Affairs. However, throughout my journey, I have found that my passion is more specific than creating or analyzing sweeping policies for the masses.  Serving individuals, their families, and their communities is really where my passion lies.  Over the past five years, I have apprenticed with several midwives, both in birth centers and homebirth practices, studied through an academic midwifery program authored by Mercy in Action (a team of American midwives devoted to improving maternal and child health in the Philippines), and worked with organizations in many different parts of the country and the world.  I have been a part of birth work and women’s health issues in Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Texas, New Mexico and here at Authentic Birth Center.  But no matter where in the world I am, birth remains the same.  It is an intimate experience in which I am honored and blessed to be a part – every time.


My Promise

As a midwife, I promise to take seriously my role in educating families and presenting them with all of the options available to them for their birth.  I will work to encourage a safe, healthy, and empowering birth experience for every family I serve.  Ultimately, I believe that the strength gained through childbirth will allow these gentle mothers and empowered women to impact positive change in their families, their communities, and our world.

Deeply Rooted Birth Services, LLC





"It was truly the most wonderful experience! The setting is gorgeous and the midwives are angels!" ~~Courtney


"My friend told me it (birth at Authentic) was " a holy experience", she was not wrong! This was my fifth baby, all others had been hospital births. My husband and I both wished we could go back in time and have them all at Authentic." ~~Jen

"It was an absolute privilege to birth there. But, if you asked one of the midwives,they would tell you that it's their privilege to serve us and that is what makes Authentic truly remarkable. Outstanding love and care for every family."

~~ Brittney




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