Jessie Heppner,

Certified Professional Midwife,

Hello! I am Jessie Heppner, Certified Professional Midwife. It is my joy and privilege to serve families alongside the other midwives practicing at Authentic Birth Center – Wellness Collective.


My interest in birth work began during the time that I was living in Papua New Guinea, serving as medical support with a mission organization. On weekends, I would volunteer as a doula in the labor ward of the local hospital. The deplorable conditions, morbidity and death that I witnessed drove me to research what I was seeing and propelled me into a deeper investigation of how I could better serve the women who delivered their babies there. Over the 4 years that I worked with these women, I grew in my passion to see all women provided with more options, more compassionate care, and better outcomes. When my term with the organization ended in 2017, I returned to the US and enrolled in midwifery school where my passion has only grown, and my calling to the practice of midwifery has been solidified.


It is my wholehearted belief that pregnancy and childbirth is a natural process that a woman’s body is uniquely designed to perform, and that over-management hinders the most efficient workings of this design. The midwifery model of care is one that supports the physical, psychological, and social well-being of a woman throughout her pregnancy and into the postpartum period. It emphasizes education, quality counseling, and informed consent at every point along the way. As a midwife, I desire to provide such individualized care, recognizing that each woman has a unique background and needs. My clients are invited to be the decision-makers in their pregnancy and birth journey, and I will always make time for further discussion and questions, when needed.


Time after time, I have witnessed women bring their babies into their arms, triumphing over the hard work of labor, proving to themselves that their bodies and minds are capable of such a task. I count it an honor to be invited into these spaces and love watching families shift and grow with the introduction of new life.


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