Alyson Lippman,

Certified Nurse Midwife
Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber



I’m Alyson Lippman, CNM, APNP (Certified Nurse Midwife and Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber) and I am thrilled to join the team at Authentic Birth Center! Some say that Midwifery is a calling and, for me, that is quite accurate. My road to Midwifery started when I was  an elementary school teacher.  I was having dinner with my family one night when I announced, “If I don’t catch babies, I think I will look back on my life and regret it.” I spent 3 years taking prerequisite science courses before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and beginning my Women’s Health career as a Labor & Delivery nurse at a large urban hospital in Chicago.

While working there and growing my own family, I slowly earned my Master’s Degree in Nursing and became a Certified Nurse Midwife. Before coming to Authentic, I practiced Midwifery in the Chicago suburbs and at a health center for underserved and homeless populations in Milwaukee. I also managed the childbirth education department and high-risk OB clinic at Columbia St. Mary’s hospital. Additionally, I teach Nursing Care of Women & Infants to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as nursing leadership to Master’s students at UWM. I balance it all by teaching yoga!

In 2014, I was living in Chicago and heard about this birth center in Milwaukee, where my husband was working at the time. I came to an open house with the curiosity of a Midwife and, also pregnant myself, decided to transfer my care here. My 3rd child was baby number 22, born in The Nest, and it was an incredible experience. I am absolutely honored to be able to bring this experience to other families.

My philosophy of care is family-centered. I seek to listen, provide thoughtful assessment and care, share important information, and advocate for families and babies. I strive to empower and guide them to make choices for their care. I look forward to sharing in your pregnancy and birth experience!


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